Chef Alistair McKimming about Chevide: “This is the future.”



“We tried the Chevide products for the first time. We tested the Poussin Piri Piri, the Indian lamb curry and the Eastern Iberico pork belly. We had a good experience with these products. The staff obviously tried them and were all very pleased. The products have a delicious flavour. It was easy to prepare the products.

The Poussin was one of my favourites. It is a nice small portion and very tasty. The Eastern Iberico pork belly is already full of flavour. Being short of time and staff, this is great because it means we don’t need to do much to the product. I certainly see possibilities to give these products my own twist”.

“ This is the future. It gives you so many benefits, more than just good quality meat.”

“The Chevide products deliver speed, mise en place time, lower staff costs, convenience and quality. It ensures that you can keep your restaurant open even with less staff, without closing for several days. You also have more time for your administration or private affairs, for example. It reduces the pressure on staff.

It gives you so many benefits, more than just good quality meat. This is the future. As a chef, you need to realise this and be able to stand completely behind the product. I could certainly work with it.”