Chef Arjan Buwalda about Chevide: “Consistency and convenience.”



“We tasted the products as they were delivered. We heated them au bain-marie in the vacuum packaging. The quality was fine. The products were not too strong in flavour, which we prefer. We can then add a glaze, vegetables, some extra herbs or sauce to taste. But even without that, the products were delicious.

The Poussin Piri Piri was very good. Personally, I feel it could be a bit spicier, but that’s something we can add. It was very well pre-cooked. Not that it immediately falls off the bone, but still with a perfect bite. Just as a Poussin should be”.

“I can’t imagine anyone not wanting it. The products are good, and you can still give them your own twist.”

“The Iberico pork was lovely and soft. Great for making Pulled Pork, but also for other things. A great piece of quality meat.

The lamb curry was very good and deliciously creamy. Well prepared with little fat. The sauce was the perfect thickness. But there’s still room to give it your own twist. So, it makes a very good basis. Even with the buffet, it’s easy to heat up au bain-marie.

Flavour and juiciness are my customer’s biggest needs. My customers want well cooked, good quality products. And these products are certainly that. It also saves us time, delivers consistency and quality, which in turn creates trust among customers and peace in the kitchen. It is easy to use. Given the right instructions, even an amateur chef will be able to make the dish. Due to the long shelf life, you can use the product when you need it. Which again saves time.

I can’t imagine anyone not wanting it. The products are good, and you can still do things to them to give them your own twist.”