Chef Roy Moes about Chevide: “I was really surprised.”



“I was really surprised. The products exceeded expectations. I normally prefer to come a few hours earlier to make the product myself rather than use ready-made products. But the flavour really impressed me. Even my managers were enthusiastic, not knowing that they’d been served prefab braising steak. They couldn’t believe it when they heard.

All the products cooked very well. The veal and beef blade steaks were my favourites. They were easy to heat up in the pan. The beef blade steak was really perfect. Nothing over dominated, it was perfectly in balance. I was hugely enthusiastic about the preparation and flavour. It also had a nice bite. The veal blade steak was very tender.

You notice that the meat has been cooked slowly, a gentle but not bland flavour. It retains the flavour. You can easily give the products your own twist, but you can also use them as they are”.

“The customer needs variety on the menu. These products are perfect for that”.

“The customer needs variety on the menu. These are perfect for that. Initially, you might think of winter products, but I don’t agree. Why not use blade steak in a recipe in the summer too?

These products deliver convenience, time and money. Because of their long shelf life, you have less waste. By using these products, I could spend more time with my family. Giving a personal touch to these products is very important to me. I prefer to make my own creations. And I can still do that with these products.”